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Corporate Advisory

VMIC Corporate Advisory provides quality advisory services in the natural resources sector, with a focus on:

  • Capital raising and structuring
    • Assistance in raising funds for project financing as well as working capital requirements
    • Optimisation of capital structure – catering for the needs of the company through a tailored combination of financing sources (equity, debt or hybrid securities)
  • Exploration technical advisory and programme management
    • Evaluation and strategy formulation in support of mineral asset identification
    • Development of exploration and further prospecting programmes to accomplish particular milestones in projects:
      • Proof of concept
      • Initial resource definition
      • Exchange listing / capital raising
      • Resource upgrade
      • Further capital raising / share issuance
      • Pre-feasibility
      • Up to bankable feasibility

Current Corporate Advisory clients or partners:

Principal Investments
VMIC is essentially a holding company of leading investments in selected sectors. The Principal Investments business targets investment opportunities in primary industries with relatively simple business models that offer significant scale opportunities. Identified industries include telecommunications, infrastructure, resources, financial services, logistics and manufacturing. VMIC looks for relatively early-stage opportunities, where the average investment size across the portfolio will be on average USD 3 million, and in which the companies make average revenues of USD20 million.

Current Projects:

Bushveld Minerals Bushveld Minerals Website
Visit Bushveld Minerals Website

Bushveld Minerals is an AIM-listed company focused on developing mineral projects in the Bushveld Complex in South Africa. Its primary project is the Bushveld Iron Ore Project and in addition it has the Mokopane Tin Project, both located in the Northern Limb of the Bushveld Complex. The aim is to establish advanced iron ore and tin resources that have potential for rapid development. This could include acquisitions of projects elsewhere in Africa that will be identified and evaluated.

Bushveld Iron Ore Project

  • The project covers 7,409 hectares and has a 633 million tonne resource. Objective is to upgrade this to a >1 billion tonne resource by the end of Q1 2013
  • Comprises of two consolidated prospecting rights
  • Located in the central portion of the Northern Lobe of the Bushveld Complex, it covers a group of four adjacent farms, approximately 65 kilometres west of Polokwane and 45 kilometres North-Northwest of Mokopane in the Limpopo province, South Africa

Mokopane Tin Project

  • The project covers 13,422 hectares of one new order prospecting right, and so far has an established resource of >6000 tonnes.
  • Comprises five targets identified along a strike of approximately 10 kilometres, of which one has a JORC resource and second is drill ready. The remaining 3 targets are currently unexplored
  • Open pit mining: Mineralisation outcrops on surface and extends along the strike for over 500 metres
  • Mineralisation amenable to simple gravity-based metallurgical processing to produce tin concentrate

New Kush Exploration & Mining Limited New Kush Exploration & Mining Limited website

New Kush Exploration & Mining Company Ltd (NKEM) is a first mover gold exploration company focused on East Africa, particularly South Sudan, northern Uganda and Ethiopia, with a vision to discover new frontier mineral deposits hosting in excess of 3 million ounces of gold.

Visit New Kush Exploration &
Mining Limited Website
  • NKEM has operated in South Sudan since 2006 and in February 2008 was the first exploration and mining company to be incorporated in Juba following the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).
  • The company was the first modern day explorers for hard minerals in South Sudan, which included an extensive Aeromagnetic and radiometric survey across NKEM’s concession areas awarded in 2007 in Eastern Equator. Simultaneously, NKEM’s geologists conducted fieldwork in our Ugandan exploration areas in Kaabong consistent with our exploration strategy and philosophy.
New Kush Investments

New Kush Investments (NKI) is a principal investment and corporate advisory company with particular focus on growing its presence in South Sudan. The company’s management team has developed a strong track record for nurturing small business opportunities into thriving corporations.

Key attributes of the management team:

  • Listed two of their mineral exploration projects on international exchanges and sale of intercontinental security concern
  • Strong team with logistics and operational experience in pre-emerging market geographies.
  • Six years on the ground (South Sudan) experience and expertise and have developed a strong model for building presence within a country.
  • Have established a strong network and local partnership base within South Sudan that enables them to be the pre-eminent investment partner and corporate advisor for companies wishing to enter into an exciting new market.

MRT Group

MRT Group Pty Ltd (MRT) was formed in 2012 by VM Investment Company, Paul Holmes and Barry Sinclair as an investment holding

company focused on metals beneficiation, resources, engineering and trading.

  • MRT purchased NiMag Pty Ltd and MetalloyResources Investments Pty Ltd from CoAL of Africa in April 2012.
  • MRT currently comprises two wholly owned subsidiaries – Nimag Pty Ltd and Metalloy Resources Investments Pty Ltd.

Foundry is a medium sized iron foundry producing quality castings for original equipment manufacturers and end users in a range of international material specifications.

Visit NiMag Pty Ltd website

The NiMag Group has been in operation for 25+ years and is focused on the production of the alloys of nickel magnesium (“NiMag”), ferro-silicon magnesium (“FeSiMag”), ferro-nickel magnesium (“FeNiMag”), other master alloys and related products. These are used in various applications, including the foundry, aeronautical, aerospace and automotive industries. The majority of the client base is international, and the Group enjoys strong relationships with many loyal and consistent customers. It is a globally significant producer of the specialised NiMag, FeNiMag and FeSiMag alloys and other master alloys and has an estimated 35% of the global market share (outside of China) in its specific niche.

Metalloy Resources Investments Pty Ltd
  • Metalloy Resources Investments is a holding company and consists of two operational entities namely Joerg Foundry Pty Ltd and Rustenburg Engineers and Foundry Pty Ltd.
  • Joerg Foundry Pty Ltd and Rustenburg Engineers and Foundry Pty Ltd are an integrated ferrous (cast and ductile iron) foundry and machine shop business situated in Rustenburg South Africa.
Joerg Foundry and Rustenberg Engineers

  • Joerg Foundry is a medium sized iron foundry producing quality castings for original equipment manufacturers and end users in a range of international material specifications.

  • Joerg Foundry’s expertise covers the range of capital equipment and consumable items used in the mining, earthmoving, chemical, water, transport, rail, sugar, paper, farming, construction, mechanical power transmission and general engineering industries.


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