• About Us

    About Us
    VM Investment Company (“VMIC”) is a principal investments and corporate advisory company developing investment platforms in key growth sectors of the African economy, informed by a firm belief in the continent’s rich resources and its potential to grow into a global economic powerhouse.

    VMIC targets investment opportunities in primary industries with relatively simple business models that offer significant scale opportunities.

    Given its team of principals’ extensive experience in the natural resources sector, the company naturally has a preference for natural resource opportunities across the value chain – exploration, mining, mining services and beneficiation.

    VM Investment Company was established in 2006. Since then it has developed a portfolio of mineral exploration and beneficiation businesses in several commodity groups across Africa.
  • Vision and
    Investment Policy

    Vision and Investment Policy
    VM Investments’ vision is to grow into a leading global principal investments company with interests in key sectors of the economies of the countries in which we operate.

    We strive for a focused, fact-based and rigorous value-creation approach to all our investments to drive each transaction / portfolio company towards achieving its full financial potential and thereby maximizing returns to all stakeholders.

    • Emerging markets
    • Primary industries
    • Simple business model
    • Scaleable opportunities
    • Scope for strategic value add for a multiplier growth effect

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